FWM Volunteer Emergency Squad

If you have an emergency requiring an ambulance please dial 911.  The Squad  does bill Medicaid/Medicare and all insurances for transportation costs.  Your membership will pickup any expense that your insurance doesn’t.  This is a very good reason to support the Squad with an annual donation during their annual fundraising mailing.

The ambulance is not available for non-emergency calls.

Howand Comstock was the spearhead behind establishing the FWM Volunteer Emergency Squad back in 1958 and served as the Squad’s first President.  Charter Members include but are not limited to John Decker, Clesson Shotwell, Nelson Garnett, Donald Wintermute and Clyde Farr.

Our squad consists of EMTs, Emergency Medical Technician responders, and qualified EVOs, Emergency Vehicle Operations driver.  A volunteer can receive training to drive the ambulance and does not have to be an EMT.  There is a required course to be an EVO driver.  The training course is only several classroom hours and a driving test.

Anyone who’d like to contribute some time as a volunteer can begin responding as a EVO/driver.  An interested party could even strive to become an EMT if they so desired.  Some begin as an Aid with first aid and CPR training.

Volunteers are also welcome to assist in station tasks such as cleaning, helping with fundraisers or vehicle maintenance.

The Squad meets monthly, the second Tuesday at 7:30 p.m. at the Ambulance Garage located at 264 Schoolhouse Hill Road, Mehoopany.  If you are interested in volunteering, please attend one of our meetings, call 570-833-2092, email ST4@WYCO911.com, via Facebook at FWM Emergency Service Squad INC. and quick look up @FWMST4.

Present Officers are:

President Tinna Henning
Vice Pres./Asst. Captain Benjamin Thomas
Secretary Crystal Thomas
Treasurer Jeff Cappucci
Captain Tinna Henning
Directors Steve Henning SR., Ricky Kuder, Kevin Walters, Almon Otten, Angie Taylor

The Squad’s service area is Forkston, Mehoopany, North Branch, and half of Windham Townships.

The Squad does an annual fundraiser, which is an annual mailing soliciting donations.  These funds are used to purchase medical equipment, training and maintain equipment.